Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smokeout Mini Bike Race Rules.

Superhero outfit required / no outfit = no race
6hp and below lawnmower-style motor
No Transmision or Gears-2 wheels
NO PEP BOYS Chinese Junk!
No Go-Peds
No Mini Crotch Rockets
There will be 2 awards given. Trophys made by Brew Dude www.brewracingframes.com1-
First place - Race winner1
First place - Coolest Costume
THIS IS ALL ABOUT FUN!!! No attitudes wanted. It's like the WWE, not the UFC!


  1. We may need to get some Honda gx160 stickers made for the 6.5 Clones.
    They said no "Chinese Junk"!
    ((Honda is Japanese))!
    The Devil is in the details...

  2. Same rules as last year and I'm riding the same bike. They just don't want pit bikes or pocket bikes. Last year I did talk about getting a sticker made that said "Krackerjack special" with a 6.0 in the middle but it never happened.