Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bump ... Beach races ... first one set for June 12

Were are scheduled to race at Conway on June 12th! Who is in?

Check out the other available dates and let me know what other weekend will work for a summer race:

July 2 Ricky is holding a big 3 day race July 4 weekend and really wants us to come if we can ... at least $500 pay out and I think I can get a clone motor too (not like last time, Ricky is putting on race). Let me know!!!!!!!!

July 10
July 24
August 14
August 28


  1. I'm in. I think that late August works better for me.

  2. Im cool with it! I will be at the beach
    Aug.28 so Im in on that one as well! Let you know on others!

  3. I think the 12 th should be good....