Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anybody down with tees?

Just checking on tee prices at Contagious Graphics. For 24 mixed tees between women & mens with an average price of $8.88 for a total of $213.11. That's black tees with a 2 color print with shipping included. We can also get 250 2.75" x 2.75" red & black stickers with the tagline "PRINTED BY 123STICKERS.COM" printed on the lower corner for $35 shipping included at Any ideas or comments??


  1. Im down with the shirts.Do they have any quality to them I have issues with some
    they dont fit good shrink up etc.You deal with
    shirts alot so pick the best one and roll with it. I can also set the file up for them so their will be no set up charge for that.
    let me know!! Did you get the logo I sent for

  2. let me know how i can help , or contribute in qny way.