Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shirts Fo Da Kracka Krew!

If anyone is down with getting

these printed let me know! I would

like them done on green what do you

think? These and maybe some

stickers. Yes I can change the date.


  1. Aint nothin wrong with that date.
    Looks good.

  2. I Believe The First Kracker Jacks Mention Was Around 2000 Or 2001. It Would Be Nice To Have EST. And The Year If We Could All Agree On A Year. I Have Physical Evidence Dating Back To 08/22/02. Or If We Could Switch It Up And Everyone Get Their DOB But Doing em All Different Would Prolly Cost Mas Dinero Senor. I Would Also Be Up For One With The Racing Logo. Size M Fo Me.

  3. I don't like the green , any other options?
    How about red , even white, or .....BLACK! dark grey?

  4. white or grey sounds good to me. prolly grey cause i'ma slob