Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ricky Recommends the following dates:

October 24
November 28
December 12
January 1 and 2

Ricky has agreed to pay $500 between 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for our next race if we have at least 8 bikes. He said November 28 and January 1 & 2 are biggest races and would be good ones to make it to. He needs 4 weeks notice to promote races for cash pay out. As soon as we decide on our next race, I will let him know and start putting flyers up at motorcycle, kart, small engine shops, college campus, tracker supply, feed and grain, hardware store, etc. I'm pretty sure I can get $1,000 pay out for New Years race.

Let me know what works!


  1. Oct 24th is the Social D concert down there, that would be cool. Show starts at 7pm with 2 opening acts. Its gonna be impossible for me to make that Thanksgiving weekend. I'm good for the December and New Years dates.