Thursday, September 10, 2009

Check out what rolled out of my motor!!

Looks like I am tech support tomorrow. Changing the oil and tire
tonight and this little gem rolled out. Looks like it's time for a new
billet rod. I will be there tomorrow night toolbox in hand ready to do
what I can. No dipper = no lubrication. And my motor like any good
woman loves her lubrication.


  1. Do you have a new dipper ? Dixie has the nylon ones .....

  2. Kinda hard to be chipper when you broke off your dipper... goin Billet, I hear ya!

  3. Those damn Briggs guys always got some excuse. Nah man, all you need is a clone. Is Del goin?

  4. I still ran it but something went bad. Ran good to start the night but ended not so hot. Going through it again soon. Lets see what I can find...