Monday, December 27, 2010

ATTN: KJers News Years Eve.......Come one ,Come All.......if you want too.

Watch my balls drop on News Year Eve , here at the Hawaiian Headquarters...Lets make History!
-Friday Night
-6:00p.m. - Until
-food, door prizes, games , music ,BEER, a shot or two in the mix.
-pie eating contest
-best costume
-break dance contest
-square dancing
-live DJ mixing up all the most finest jams

Call for details, or just show your ass up ....HOLMES!


  1. Looks like I'll be stuck at Cryovac till midnight, but I'll stop by after work.

  2. This only means nobody will make it by my house! oh well! maybe next time. No offense we will be here at the house this year. PEACE BITCHES!

  3. Phil, from what you had said last time i asked you about NYE, was that your wife wasent felling good , and that you guys really wern't going to do much but just lounge around ....... Its all good! Maybe next time.