Monday, October 18, 2010

Ride For Lightning...

Just a few pics from the trip. Had a blast. Wish all you guys could have been there.
Picked up some supplies from the lake.
 Found this cup on the side of the road when I stopped to put on my gloves. Still had the game pieces attached. I walked away with some free fries.
First night in Cherokee at Happy Holiday RV Park.
 This would be home for the night.
 Overview of the campground.
 Overview of the campground.
 Campfire with the Haints.
Campfire with the Haints might include walkways.

 Early next morning about to ride out.
 We were packin up, packin up, packing up, My daddy taught me well.
 The is JW. Hes part of the group from Charlotte that I camped with the first night.
 Our fire.
 Haints fire.
 Haints fire!
 Twisted Spoke.
 I think there was some kind of bet involved for that dude.
 Some more Charlotte guys.

 Some music.


  1. Damn that looks fun! How was the ride?

  2. You And Me Both, I Almost Came Up Friday Night... Almost.

  3. It was a good time. Got a little cold but by the time you passed out it didn't matter.

  4. I didn't see you with the Taints ... I was right next to you hanging with the Sacks