Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeding arrangements for the Smoke Out... Version 2.0

Here is a revised schedule. If you are not interested in participating let me know ASAP.

We will have anywhere from 12-16 people eating so I would plan on feeding 16. This includes the for-shure's (please forgive me if I misspell your name): Bruce & Kristi, Casey, Eric & Lisa, Jamie & Sara, Richie & Jackie, Tyler(my brother-in-law) and me & Amanda. The maybe's are Brad, Delano & Chasity and Savannah (Amanda's sister).
Friday Lunch: Casey Wayne (there will be more to have than just beer and turkey legs)
Friday Dinner: Eric & Lisa
Saturday Breakfast: Jamie & Sara
Saturday Lunch: Bruce & Kristi and Richie & Jackie
Saturday Dinner: Wes & Amanda
Sunday Breakfast: Tyler & Savannah
Sunday Lunch: Leftovers or the maybe's.

Everybody needs to bring there own beverages and I am gonna try to bring as much ice as possible as well as a big table and the mini-fridge. I am bringing my easy-up tent and anybody else that has one it would be great to have a few to have some extra shade to work on the bikes, drink, pass-out or maybe an outdoor shower. Any questions of ideas please let us know.

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  1. Sara and I are out of the food ring. If she can even go at all. Sorry for the lateness!