Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black Betty Had a Child...

The Damn Thang Gone Wild...

... wild like the right peg snapping off at full speed as I stand for a ditch crossing!



  1. And You Guys Say I Got A Shoe Problem.

  2. I feel ya on the FACEPLANT bother. I was lucky enough to have a full face on. How bout you?

  3. No helmet...
    I was in the yard with a top speed of maybe 25mph. It was raining so the ground was soft. I was able to break my fall with my hands and the handlebar in my chest...
    On a positive note, I cleared the ditch!
    Didn't hurt the new bike (other than the peg), and I'm only a little sore.

    Alicious say: "No more ridey without helmet!"

  4. I fell real hard one time, but luckily my neck broke the fall.